More than a quarter of a century of experience

Gefahrgut Direkt

From sensitive goods to hazardous loads - with Gefahrgut Direkt.

Carrying substances that pose a risk to people, animals, environment or public safety requires a great sense of responsibility from everyone involved - experience, expertise and care and conscientiousness that lie far beyond the level required for standard shipments.

A reliable partner like concord is especially important in hazardous goods transports, and there are good reasons why well-known companies from chemical industry such as BASF and Henkel have been ordering our services for years.

We ensure continuous and thorough requalification - we are of course SQAS-certified, and we have an in-house safety adviser for every major mode of transport we use.

We're also specialised in dangerous goods requiring temperature control – we have enough vehicles with thermal units to deliver your consignment to destination while keeping temperatures to within a degree of accuracy.